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Word UP Challenge
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Get in the Game! Register your school and Word UP! Every word each student reads will count towards the school's total through Reading Counts!. Not only will they exercise their independent reading skills, but their efforts will put them in the running for amazing prizes that will positively impact their school community.

Get in the game today! The clock to game time is ticking away.

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How to WORD UP

The Word UP Challenge is designed to get students excited about reading. Do you need more motivation than school pride and improved literacy skills? How about a party for the whole school and new books for the library?

Scores are tallied through Reading Counts!, so the literature and nonfiction books students read in the classroom, in the school library, and at home all contribute to the team score.

The more words they read, the more points are earned.

Texts at higher Lexile Levels are weighted more heavily—think of a three-point shot vs. an alley oop—so students are encouraged to reach out of their comfort zones and expand their literacy skills.


Be Your Own "6th Man!"

Never underestimate the power of fan support. Teams have been known to ride to victory on the backs of their loyal fans, and the Word UP Challenge is proud to recognize that community support.

The MVP Award is for those teachers, schools, librarians, friends, and families who go out of their way to encourage participation in the Challenge. From social media shout-outs to in-school banners, and dedicated seats in your local library, demonstrate how you're supporting your Reading Counts! Word UP Challenge students and you could win, too! 

Word Up Challenge
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