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Our thought leaders provide customized presentations on key education issues. The goal of our keynote presentations is to build an awareness of why, what, where, and how our schools need to change, to improve learning outcomes for all learners. Whether your focus is transformational change from district to classroom, or to inspire a math culture, our thought leaders will leave your team energized and motivated to proceed with a common and actionable goal for improved student achievement. Search from the topics below to customize your future engagement.

Dr. Tyrone C. Howard Equity Matters
Dr. Tyrone C. Howard | Senior Fellow, ICLE
Professor and Associate Dean at UCLA, Tyrone speaks from the heart, from experience, and in depth, about the challenges of delivering equity for the most vulnerable populations of students, and about creating open environments where they know their voices can be heard.


Dr. Bill Daggett Collaborative Visionaires
Dr. Bill Daggett | Founder of ICLE
Founder of ICLE and creator of the Rigor/Relevance Framework® and the Daggett System for Effective Instruction®, Bill focuses on the need for educational leaders to work together to become "future-focused" and committed to implementing systemic changes that better prepare today's students for tomorrow's world.


Dr. Matthew R. Larson, Ph.D. Equity in the Math Classroom
Dr. Matthew R. Larson | Senior Fellow, Math Solutions
Former president of NCTM and lifelong math educator, it is Matt's mission at Math Solutions® to support educators in merging math instruction with equity-based best practices to create positive student identities and advance every student’s math achievement.


Dr. Lissa Pijanowski Cultivate Student Agency
Dr. Lissa Pijanowski | Senior Fellow, ICLE
Senior Fellow at ICLE, author of Architects of Deeper Learning, and a recognized leader in developing student-centered instruction, Lissa is passionate about demonstrating to educators everywhere the importance of building stronger teacher-student relationships by giving students a strong voice in, and ownership of, their own learning.


Eric Sheninger Developing Digital Leadership
Eric Sheninger | Senior Fellow, ICLE
For Eric, award-winning former principal and ed tech pioneer, digital leadership is always first and foremost about learning, not devices. Eric developed the 7 Pillars of Digital Leadership & Learning as a way for schools to take a critical look at the elements that foster a successful digital initiative.


Weston Kieschnick Move the Needle with Blended Learning
Weston Kieschnick, M.Ed. | Senior Fellow, ICLE
Weston is an ICLE Senior Fellow and best-selling author of Bold School. His passionate message to teachers and leaders is about meshing tried-and-true, research-based teaching strategies with purposeful technology use to bring student learning to new levels.


Anthony Colannino Reaching for Instructional Excellence
Anthony Colannino | Senior Fellow, ICLE
For more than 20 years Anthony has dedicated himself to creating environments where adults and children feel happy, healthy, and successful. As a Senior Fellow at ICLE, he’s devoted to helping leaders achieve instructional excellence and create a growth mindset culture.
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