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Le Prof Fall Issue


We hope you enjoy this Fall issue of Le Prof, HMH's new biannual newsletter for French language educators. Le Prof brings you insights and ideas to enrich instruction, news on current trends in language education, and the latest information on Bien dit!® resources for your classroom. And with this inaugural issue, we bring you a NEW, free resource to connect students to culture—a downloadable Fall Holiday Calendar!

French Holiday Calendar / Fall 2017

Give your students more opportunities to connect language and culture with this new, free calendar that, each month, highlights holidays across the French-speaking world.

The calendar features leveled lesson ideas to get students communicating in French and provides links to related media in HMHfyi Français and News and Networking.

Fill out the form and download today!

Connect to Culture

In "The Importance of Teaching Culture in the Foreign Language Classroom," author and linguist Dr. Dimitrios Thanasoulas says, "Foreign language learning is foreign culture learning." We believe strongly at HMH® that culture is integral to learning a second language and in developing the ability to to communicate effectively. That's why each chapter of Bien dit!® © 2018 is set in a different location and delivers language instruction in tandem with in-depth views into that country's culture. Find out more about the rich program features that connect students to French-speaking cultures.

Virtual Reality is Here!

We were excited to see this EdTech Magazine headline: "Let’s Get Real: Virtual Reality Is Here to Stay." As a Google® content partner, HMH® has developed Field Trips for Google Expeditions. With a VR viewer and a smartphone, we take students to the same locations we focus on in Bien dit!® chapters—Belgium, L’Île-de-France, Québec, South Central and Southwestern France, Southeastern France and Morocco, Switzerland, and Western France. And this fall, we’ll be adding Martinique, Guadeloupe, Senegal, Morocco, and Paris to the virtual itinerary. HMH Teacher Guides for Field Trips give teachers a script to guide students as they "visit" these locations.

View this video about the experiences of students in Mt. Prospect, Illinois, as they take Field Trips to Mexico and Spain!

HMHfyi Français—Language Learning Beyond the Book

Looking for ways to enrich and extend language learning? Remember to check out the new HMHfyi Français site. You can incorporate authentic media into your lessons. Featuring compelling news stories and videos with content aligned to each chapter in Bien dit!®, HMHfyi Français provides engaging opportunities for students to deepen comprehension and develop vocabulary. The content is curated, so students can return to the site for new, fresh material. Teachers can select a book level and then sort for media according to chapter locations and themes.

When you download the French Holiday Calendar, you'll find tips for using articles in the HMHfyi Français site.

Insights & Best Practices

In The Cognitive Benefits of Bilingualism/Biliteracy, HMH® author John De Mado says, "It is now apparent that being bilingual challenges and, in effect, exercises the brain, developing it in ways never before imagined, modifying its function and its very composition." Learn more about the growing research! Access the paper on the Resources tab of our Bien dit!® website. You'll also find an infographic on the benefits of bilingualism that you can share with your students. Return to this site often for more whitepapers to inform and inspire your teaching practice!

View the New Bien dit! © 2018 Dashboard!

Ever finish planning a grammar or vocabulary lesson only to find the perfect resources later, in another part of the program? We know how frustrating that can be. With the new online dashboard in Bien dit!® © 2018, you can access centralized, organized lessons with one search.

Want to explore? Sign up for an evaluation account to view the © 2018 dashboard.

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