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How do you set the stage for a lifelong love of reading in your students? Tap into the latest research and learnings from the nation’s foremost thought leaders in literacy education. Discussing topics ranging from mindset to biliteracy, these experts share the latest in research findings, offer practical tips for elevating your instruction, and demonstrate best practices in action. Join us in ensuring literacy proficiency for every student.


Negotiating the Important Links Between Word Study, Decodable Texts, and Authentic Texts in Balanced Literacy Classrooms

Dr. Shane Templeton | Watch Now►

Ideally, effective classroom word study will blend with and support meaningful engagements with texts. To help you achieve this goal, Dr. Shane Templeton will address some common questions to consider as you are planning and implementing developmentally based word study. How can we differentiate and organize our instruction? What is the role of decodable texts and where is the balance with natural texts? How does word study develop the voice-to-print match? How does this support the development of a sight vocabulary? What is the best way to teach high-frequency words? What is the relationship between learning to read words and learning to spell words?

Getting at the Heart of Conferring – Empowering Readers and Writers

Kristen Painter | Watch Now►

How can only a few moments make such a lasting impact? We know that great reading and writing conferences between teachers and students create stronger, more independent readers and writers. These one-on-one interactions form the cornerstone of individualized instruction, and that’s why it’s so important to get it right. Kristen Painter demonstrates that by approaching students and conferring thoughtfully and deliberately, teachers can personalize their instruction, provide reinforcement, and assess student work in order to empower students to improve outcomes, and nurture a lifetime love of reading and writing.

Leadership for Equity and Excellence

Dr. Tyrone C. Howard | Watch Now►

While race and culture remain important variables in how young people experience schools, educators and school personnel often misunderstand them. Building on the work of three studies that investigated schools successful in closing the achievement gap, Dr. Tyrone C. Howard will explain how adopting greater awareness and comprehensive understanding of race and culture can improve educational outcomes.

Tools for Building a Productive Academic Vocabulary Toolkit

Dr. Kate Kinsella | Watch Now►

Productive word knowledge, the ability to competently use a word in speech and writing, is pivotal to school and workplace achievement. Drawing on scholarship and extensive classroom experience, Dr. Kinsella introduces research-based instructional principles and practices to prepare English learners for the vocabulary demands of academic interaction, text analysis, and constructed response. She provides a schema for prioritizing vocabulary for robust instruction and illustrates informed word selection with practice texts. She demonstrates explicit instruction of central concepts and topic words as well as high-utility word families (e.g., compare, comparison) essential for advanced communication. Dr. Kinsella explains how to design effective application tasks and brief, daily formative assessments that advance word knowledge. Participants receive digital and print resources, including sample lessons, note-taking guide formats, and competency-aligned word lists to support implementation.

Collaborating for Success: Fostering Family Engagement in Early Literacy

Dr. Anne Cunningham | Watch Now►

Children are successful when families are engaged in their children’s literacy learning, support students at home, and are connected to their school (National Early Literacy Panel, 2008).  This webinar considers how we can initiate a culture of collaboration and home-school literacy partnerships.  Educators will learn steps to help families establish home environments and practices to support children to become successful, motivated readers!

One State’s Commitment to Professional Learning for English Learners: A Case History

Dr. Elena Izquierdo | Watch Now►

For over twenty years, Dr. Elena Izquierdo has traveled to Arkansas, to work with teachers "boot-camp style" across the state. At each destination, teachers arrive to engage in seven days and evenings of intensive training in best practices for English learners. Sign up for this webinar to learn what those trainings entail, to hear anecdotes of what works, and to hear about their impact on student progress in Arkansas.

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