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This Month in History: June

Extend your social studies instruction with informative and inspiring content from HMH®, HISTORY®, Google® Field Trips, and the Center for Civic Education. Each month we bring you videos, articles, and current events designed to build cultural awareness, media literacy, and a deeper understanding of significant historical figures and events.

Resources for June

  • Videos, articles, lessons, and more from our partners at HISTORY and the Center for Civic Education
  • Flag Day Resources
  • D-Day Resources
  • Election 2020
  • Google Field Trips
  • News articles for elementary and secondary classrooms

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Classroom Resources from HMH

Flag Day 
June 14

On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress passed the Flag Resolution, which established the flag of the United States as having 13 red and white stripes, and 13 white stars on a blue background. The stripes represent the original 13 colonies. The stars represent the states, and more were added, of course, with each new state, until the flag had the 50 stars it does today.

Since the late 1800s, school teachers and children celebrated the “Flag Birthday” every June 14, and in 1916 President Woodrow Wilson officially proclaimed June 14 to be Flag Day. In 1949, President Harry Truman signed an Act of Congress officially designating the day National Flag Day.

Flag Day is celebrated with parades in towns and cities around the country. Flags can be seen flying on every flagpole for the whole week of June 14, showing Americans’ patriotism for their country and their pride in the country’s symbol.

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  • The History of Flag Day (external link)
    Covers the history of the holiday. The site includes information about the history of the American flag.
  • Holiday Insights: Flag Day (external link)
    Site geared towards students, includes information about Flag Day, history of the American flag, and games related to the flag.

Election Connection 2020
Explore Now

Election Connection LogoInspire your students to become active and informed citizens with HMH Election Connection!

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt® brings you a dynamic new online resource to engage and inform your social studies students. HMH Election Connection provides you with a comprehensive, one-stop information hub so that you can

  • Provide current, balanced coverage of the 2020 election and responsible content appropriate for Grades 6–12
  • Engage students with innovative digital resources including HISTORY videos, WebQuests, study guides, readers, and comprehensive primary source selections
  • Extend instruction with quality resources available through HMH partnerships with HISTORY and the Center for Civic Education

Monthly Shaped Blog Activities

Monthly Judicial Inquiry for United States History
Dive deeper into the featured Supreme Court case by sharing background knowledge and promoting inquiry around the impact of Wallace v. Jaffree, a case featured in HMH Judicial Inquiries.

Teaching Supreme Court Cases: Wallace v. Jaffree

Monthly World History Enrichment Activities
Use HMH Social Studies World History thematic timelines, primary sources, and enrichment activities to enhance instruction in your classroom.

Teaching World History: World War II

Free Classroom Resources from HISTORY



D-Day, code named Operation Overlord, launched on June 6, 1944, after the commanding Allied general, Dwight D. Eisenhower, ordered the largest invasion force in history—hundreds of thousands of American, British, Canadian, and other troops—to ship across the English Channel and come ashore on the beaches of Normandy, on France's northern coast. After almost five years of war, nearly all of Western Europe was occupied by German troops or held by fascist governments, like those of Spain and Italy. The Western Allies' goal: to put an end to the German army and, by extension, to topple Adolf Hitler’s barbarous Nazi regime.

Flag Day

On May 30, 1916, Woodrow Wilson officially proclaimed June 14 "Flag Day" as a commemoration of the "Stars and Stripes," adopted as the national flag on June 14, 1777, when the design featured just 13 stars representing the original 13 states.

HMH Field Trips Powered by Google Expeditions

Add a Whole New Dimension to Social Studies!

Discover the National Mall. Bring experiential learning into your social studies lessons without ever leaving the classroom. Download the Teacher's Guide to learn more!

Center for Civic Education

Students Take Action from the Center for Civic Education

The Students Take Action service-learning feature relates stories of students who have participated in the Center for Civic Education's Project Citizen program, which encourages students to take part in state or local government and learn how to monitor and influence public policy. Help your students become active and engaged citizens in their own communities with these resources.

Center for Civic Education

HMH In the News and Current Events

Hmhinthenews.com is a great resource for elementary classrooms with fun articles about what's going on in the news. This website delivers age-appropriate current events stories about people, communities, the United States, and the world every month. Come back often for new stories, spotlight features, and polls.

Hmhcurrentevents.com enriches your secondary classroom with subject-specific information from world history, world geography, American history, economics, psychology, sociology, civics, government, and African American history. It also spotlights today's headlines with activities, web links, and the HMH Election Connection.

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