At HMH, we believe that nurturing inquisitive minds is the key to sparking amazing learning experiences - that's why we're launching Curious World Tour this summer. Join Curious George and friends at one of our nationwide tour stops and enjoy a day of free family-friendly activities designed to inspire and encourage a hands-on, playful approach to learning. Explore the map below to learn more or visit us on one of our stops along the way.

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Spark a mind at Home with the Curious World App

The Curious World app offers an ever-expanding library of curated early learning videos, games and books for children and their families - all within a safe, ad-free digital environment that ties content to key learning areas and inspires offline activities.

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How to Spark a Mind

Here are some resources to Spark a Mind at home, in the classroom, and through books and beyond.

At Home: Curious World

StudyPop App

A fun, interactive study game students can play with their friends and classmates, anywhere anytime. Try it FREE!

Classroom: Read 180 Universal


The world's leading blended learning solution-proven to raise reading achievement by merging brain science, growth mindset, professional development, and knowledge necessary for school and life.

Trade: Curious George


Get curious with Curious George and open up a lifetime of learning and fun!

Eligible tweets must use #CuriousWorldTour or #SparkAMind. HMH will donate up to 10,000 books to schools and/or nonprofit organizations; both the books and recipients will be selected at HMH's sole discretion.