Spark a Story: 20 Short Stories by American Teens

What Happens when you Spark a Mind?

Inspiration. A well-written story has the power take us to new places, change our minds, and influence the way we view the world around us. Last year, we asked high school students across the country to send us their most inspired short stories as part of our #SparkAStory contest.


Today, we are proud to announce the works of 20 students that have been selected for this special anthology, "Spark a Story: 20 Short Stories by American Teens." Who knows? Among them may be the next J.R.R. Tolkien or Virginia Woolf.

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Meet the Authors

All Westbound Trains
Simon Liu

A Portrait of the Artist as a Teenage Girl
Aela Morris

The Sickle
Carlo Di Bernardo

Black and White
Victoria Richardson

The Unfortunate Tale of Sam Withersby
Kyla Duhart

A Sixth Sense
Tal Bajaroff

Silent Words
Niki Borghei

Undoing Reality
Kayla Bernhoester

Noli Me Tangere
Bethany Hall

The Gene
Jaryn Blair

Of Metaphors, Monsters, and Wild Thoughts
Annie Hoang

Morgan Levine

Etiam Doloris
Joshua Peck

The Cabin
Rushalee Nirodi

Hannah Perry

The Letters
Destiny Trinh

Grace Twomey

The Flood
Amelia Van Donsel

Only a Fool Would
Aamna Haq

Dream World
Adelle Else
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