#SparkAMind captures moments of curiosity and creates a place where everyone can share stories and find inspiring ways to spark a mind. At HMH, we believe that a great story can change the world which is why we are introducing Spark a Story, a search to find the nation’s best high school writers. Share your stories with us.

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How to Spark a Mind

Here are some resources to Spark a Mind at home, in the classroom, with books and beyond.

At Home: Curious World

The Curious World App

A fun and educational iOS app filled with unlimited games, videos and books curated by early learning experts. Try it FREE!

Classroom: Read 180 Universal


The world's leading blended learning solution—proven to raise reading achievement by merging brain science, growth mindset, professional development, and knowledge necessary for school and life.

Trade: Curious George

Curious George

Get curious with Curious George and open up a lifetime of learning and fun!

Eligible tweets must use #Right2Read or #SparkAMind. HMH will donate up to 10,000 books to schools and/or nonprofit organizations; both the books and recipients will be selected at HMH's sole discretion.