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The Many Uses of the Woodcock-Munoz Language Survey III

The Woodcock-Muñoz Language Survey® III (WMLS III) is a comprehensive assessment of listening, speaking, reading, and writing available in English and Spanish. The versatility of the tests allows it to be used by a variety of evaluators and for a wide range of evaluation needs.

Join hosts Dr. Tammy Stephens and Virginia Gonzalez, M.Ed., CALT, as they explore The Many Uses of the Woodcock-Muñoz Language Survey III. This webinar will provide a brief overview of the WMLS III and highlight the many uses of the instrument, including:

  • How to use tests from the WMLS III to assess language proficiency for English language learners.
  • How to use the WMLS III to assess language dominance before beginning a comprehensive evaluation for special education.
  • How tests from the WMLS III can be used with other tests and data to provide a comprehensive assessment of dyslexia in English or Spanish speakers.
  • How tests from the WMLS III can be used as part of a speech/language evaluation.
  • How to pair testing results from the WMLS III with the Batería and/or WJ IV™ when completing a bilingual evaluation.
  • Which tests from the WMLS III can be used as part of an evaluation for dysgraphia.

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Virginia Gonzalez, M.Ed., CALT

Virginia Gonzalez is a practicing educational diagnostician who specializes in dyslexia evaluations and interventions. Virginia served as the Texas state lead dyslexia evaluator for five years. Virginia is a Certified Academic Language Therapist. She has also worked as a special education teacher.

Tammy L. Stephens-Pisecco, PhD.

Tammy Stephens-Pisecco is a Clinical Account Executive for HMH®. Dr. Pisecco is a former special education teacher, educational diagnostician, and university professor. She is the co-author of the C-SEP model, and has worked for over 10 years on Response to Intervention and appropriate assessment practices

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