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Join Us for the Informative Webinar, Using Engaging and Systematic Tasks to Build Generalization and Mastery

Tuesday, March 19, 4:00–5:00 PM ET

Too often, students are asked to solve interesting but unrelated tasks that do not lead to the generalization of math concepts. In this webinar, we will explore how the next generation of Math in Focus®: Singapore Math® by Marshall Cavendish® helps students build generalizations by providing Focus Cycles that scaffold student understanding. Using lead-in tasks in the Concrete and Pictorial stages followed by Focus Cycles that support student learning helps students to build connections between concepts, resulting in the mastery of big ideas.

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Chris is a veteran educator with more than 20 years of exemplary service. He has taught at the elementary and middle school levels at suburban as well as urban schools. Chris also has experience in school building leadership, having served as principal at the elementary level. Chris has worked with teachers in the country of Brunei as they implemented Singapore Math® and has visited schools, classrooms, and teachers in Singapore.


Susan Resnick has been a special educator, principal, and district leader in both public and private school settings. She implemented Math in Focus first as a teacher and then as an administrator in two diverse settings. She has experience as a Turnaround Leader and District Math Coordinator in districts serving high populations of English learners. Susan is the author of the award-winning Singapore Math® Fact Fluency series as well as a U.S. Consultant for Math in Focus Grades 1–8. For over 10 years, Susan has worked around the globe, bringing Singapore Math® to students, teachers, parents, and administrators.
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