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On-Demand Thought Leadership

How do you captivate readers and cultivate writers? Tap into the latest research and learnings from the nation's foremost thought leaders in literacy education. Discussing topics ranging from growth mindset to balanced literacy, these experts share the latest in research findings, offer practical tips for elevating your learning community, and demonstrate the best practices in action. Make an investment in your students and join us in propelling growth in every district.

Developing a Culture of Growth

Anthony Colannino | ► Watch the recording

In this interactive webinar, Anthony will help attendees understand the theory and research behind growth mindset, internalize mindsets about their own learning, and develop strategies for feedback that inspires growth.

For Leaders and Teachers, K–12

Equity, Evidence, and Efficacy In Meeting Academic Needs of English Learners

Dr. Elena Izquierdo | ► Watch the recording

In this webinar, we will explore meeting the academic needs of English learners by discussing:
Equity: Define it, and identify rigorous instructional materials and technologies.
Evidence: Explore finding assessments that reflect program outcomes, results, and alignment to instructional needs and academic progress.
Efficacy: Identify instructional routines and educational materials/resources to achieve fidelity.

For Leaders and Teachers, K–12

Classroom Strategies, Culture, and Community

Amy Dendinger | ► Watch the recording

In this webinar, Amy, an award-winning READ 180® teacher, will discuss her experience with the program and offer insights on how to develop a positive culture and community in the classroom. She will also address social-emotional learning and how that ties into instruction.

For Leaders and Teachers, K–12

Willoughby Wallaby Woo: Phonological Awareness for 21st-Century Teachers

Dr. Anne Cunningham | ► Watch the recording

In this session, Dr. Anne Cunningham, UC Berkeley, will discuss the importance of phonological awareness as a foundation for reading and spelling. The National Early Literacy Panel outlined a continuum of phonological development and described phonological awareness as one of the five pillars for children’s successful literacy development. Dr. Cunningham will share the phonological continuum from ages 3–7, and provide playful and engaging instructional activities to implement in your classroom.

For Leaders and Teachers, Pre-K–12

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