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Accessible independent reading
for ALL students!

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Build reading stamina and confidence for your students!

HMH® Independent Reading Libraries provide single copies of trade books and leveled readers, including high interest fiction and and non-fiction titles across a variety of topics and genres. The HMH difference is that we offer a tailored library solution unique to your student population.

Here’s how it works:

  1. HMH Reading Inventory identifies the reading levels in your district.
  2. HMH experts analyze the data and curate a tailored library solution specifically for you.
  3. Libraries are organized by Lexile® levels for maximum flexibility.
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HMH Independent Reading Libraries Are Accessible to All Students

  • Wide reading resources of "just right" books
  • Kindergarten contains 250 titles
  • In Grades 1-5, each library contains 300 titles

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